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| Thursday, June 10, 2004

'We need to start monitoring our logs. There are errors we are missing and not filling as defects.'...

I go on to explain the following:
-Our current error log messages do not include enough state about the error. Things such as IDs of objects need to be included in the messages.
-Logs files can first be monitored by hand, but later can be automated with log4j custom appenders. At my last job we used a custom appender that sent emails every 15 minutes with up to 25 errors, further errors with just referenced as a count (... '30 errors ignored') too avoid too much email spewage.
-Tools like SiteScope can also be used to help monitor the server and log files.
-You can even get as advanced as my friend Frank who is automatically entering errors into the bug database with no user intervention.

I was pretty much ignored since this isn't hurting them at this second. I will try to escalate it next week.