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| Wednesday, July 14, 2004

I've been using FastBuzz for a few months now. It had almost everything I wanted, but now its now longer giving me new content. I'm pretty bummed, so I'm searching for a new tool.
Update: Fastbuzz is working again! It still has its short comings, see below, but its still better than the competition.
Update: I mailed FastBuzz about this matrix and got a good response including "Thank you for the competition matrix -- we definitely mean to deal with ATOM feeds, so no worries there."

I got my list of sites from google searching, DMOZ and Yahoo.

Aggregator requirements:
-I need to read news from home (2 different computers) and work. So aggregator most likely needs to be web based.
-Track read news at the article level. Only show me my unread news.
-Atom support
-OMPL import/export
-Clean interface. I read a lot of sites, and I need to see a very concise view of things. This usually involves at least 2 panes. Some sites try to provide a 'news paper' type feel. This sort of interface may work for a small number of feeds, but it doesn't scale for a large amount.
-Interface with technorati to see who else is commenting on this news item.
-Sounds obvious, but I need to be able to add a feed from *any* site.
Site MC Track Sites Track Articles Atom OMPL Clean Technorati Any Feed
FastBuzz X X X X X X
LiveJournal X ? ? X
Kinja X X X
Bloglines X X X X X X
BlogsReader (Didn't work in Mozilla) X X X
Findory Blogory X X
fyuze X X X
Journster X X
fyuze X X X
My Yahoo! X X
NewsIsFree X ? X ?
Sage X X ? X X X