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| Wednesday, August 04, 2004

I don't want this to turn into 'The Frustrated Blogger', but here are a list of the wish list items I've submitted to blogger. If you use blogger, please let them know you want these too.

  • Use an Open support system. Something like bugzilla, where I can see what is happening to my trouble tickets and enhancement requests. Bugzilla also supports voting, picking off new features to implement will require less 'gut feel'.
  • Add a button at the bottom of the Edit Post window to set the Time & Date to the current time and date.
  • Support trackback.
  • Add grammar checking.
  • Support exporting posts (in a real way).
  • Add a 'sub tab' under 'Posting' for 'Drafts' to show all Posts in draft mode.
  • Add RSS support.
If you do agree with these and have a Blogger.com account, please wite Blogger Support and tell them. If you have others, let me know. I'll write their support too.