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| Friday, August 13, 2004

With 50% more votes than its nearest enhancement request, Bug #4977599 , "Provide documentation in Chinese" is the most requested out there. The author of the original request posted his thoughts on a chinese technical bulliten board. Sun's response to this request is:
Thanks for the comments and support. Currently, we only localize documents into Japanese due to business requirement. We will strongly consider localizing the doc into Chinese in the next release. thx!

I've looked through some of the Japanese documentation, and I'm not sure that its very useful. If Sun chose a standard like SVG things might be a little different, but things like this don't help anyone, do they? Besides images that are not localized, JavaDoc has no way to specify comments in other languages. All the method names are english words or phrases that can not be translated either. I'm not saying that its not a good idea to translate the documentation into Chinese. After all, they are a rising star in the world scene. I just question the usability of whats getting translated.