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| Saturday, November 13, 2004

For the first 6 months of this blogs life, the browser usage of my visitors looked something like this:

IEs: 15%
Mozillas 79%
Others: 6%

Now that things have slowed down, their browser usings looks like this:

IEs: 42%
Mozillas 52%
Others: 6%

What is happening to Mozilla's market share? Nothing really. My analysis goes like this; When I used to post several times a week, my visitors were mainly repeat visitors or ones that came through aggregators like Erik's link blog. They were people in the know, proactive types. Now, I get mostly people searching for struts issues, with queries like "struts multibox bug". These people are reacting to their environment, rather than searching it out ahead of time.

In related news browser usages statisics, along with my crude excel skills, show Mozilla will overtake IE in less than 12 months.